Construction Companies

Why should Construction Companies choose us?

We know there are many agencies offering to supply your labour requirements so why should you choose First Choice Recruitment? The simple answer is because we care

How does the fact that we care help you?

Firstly because we care;

  • We don’t want to let you down
  • We want to ensure that you get the worker you need
  • That the worker is legally allowed to work in the UK
  • That the worker has the right level of experience
  • That they hold the right certificates or qualifications, CSCS, CCDO, CPCS etc.
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How do we achieve this?

Unlike many if not most construction recruitment agencies that offer to supply your needs for labour whether they are general labourers, demolition operatives, carpenters, plumbers, handymen, plant operatives, painters, burners or any other skilled tradesmen we will whenever practical;

  • Conduct a face to face interview at our office. This ensures that the person we are sending to you is the person we believe them to be as we can check that they are the person who holds the CSCS card or CCDO card as we can physically check that their appearance is consistent with the cards.
  • We check their proof of identity and their right to work
  • We check their command of the English language
  • We assess their personality and so ensure they have the right attitude
  • We obtain 2 references to ensure that they have the experience they claim and that they are reliable and hard working
  • We always request feedback from the client on the first day of any assignment

When things go wrong

Despite all our best efforts our business involves supplying people and sometimes people let you down or circumstances occur that means that they are unable to turn up. Whatever the reason, sick relative, broken bones, we will react swiftly to try to rectify the position and find you a replacement.

Whatever  happens we will try as hard as possible to meet and exceed your expectations because we do care.